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"Melvin Maya surpasses expectations as a remarkable individual—reliable friend, and accomplished creator. Delve into the world of exceptional planning, and Melvin emerges as a seasoned expert in ideation, spanning photography, web development, and captivating filmmaking. For unwavering support and a commitment beyond the ordinary, Melvin is the go-to person. He specializes in overcoming challenges, consistently finding solutions where others falter. Working with Melvin means no excuses, just results. I wholeheartedly recommend Melvin Maya for a spectrum of needs, be it podcast services, video editing, print media, or social media. They call him “make it happen Melvin” for a reason!"

Dwight Morris Jr
Founder & President
Build Your Own Brain

"Working alongside Melvin Maya has been great.

I consider myself fortunate for the experience. Melvin possesses a gift for both storytelling and marketing, making him the ideal maestro in his role as Content Creator. Whether he's behind the camera, crafting a website, conjuring up logos, or weaving his magic in the editing room, Melvin consistently produces stunning work that captivates audiences.

In addition to his expertise in brand and logo development, Melvin is a multifaceted artist – a photographer with an artistic eye and a designer who can whip up catchy t-shirt designs.

Beyond his individual talents, Melvin shines as a robust team player, seamlessly collaborating within and beyond his immediate team.

Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend Melvin. His ability to turn every project into an award-winning piece is matched only by his collaborative spirit, making the creative process a wonderful journey."

Sylvia Barerra
TV Commerical Producer

"What can be said about the greatness of talent!

Brillance and innovation is what Melvin Maya bring to each project. From the formation of an idea to the execution of the product Melvin is a fantastic visionary capable of capturing your unknowns and making it magical.

He collaborates, teaches, suggests, and listens to every idea and geeks out on the artistic process to make it a success.

Anyone with a media project, content creation, brand, logo, etc. needs Melvin on their team to take the project to the next level."

SD Joseph
Content Creator
The Seasoning Road

"Melvin Maya is amazing at what he does and super dedicated. He explains things in a way that's easy for everyone to understand. The cool pictures on the site really show off his awesome photography skills. What's really cool is how well he listens, making your experience personal and meaningful.

But it's not just photography – Melvin does marketing, video editing, and makes websites too. He knows a lot about all these things, making his online presence look smooth and professional. He pays attention to all the small details, making your project not only look great but work really well too. You can tell he puts a lot of time and effort into his work, making everything excellent. Melvin's not just a specialist – he's a talented person who can handle different challenges easily."

Rachelle Houston
COO & Director of Social Media
Build Your Own Brain

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Dan Dukes

Happy Clients
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